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Uni 3d Printed Midpiece Case

Hello everyone! I've made a midpiece for the Uni v2 that can be printed. You can find the stl file here: . Here is how it looks:

An Even Better Carrying Case For The Uni!

Take a look at this carrying case made for the Preonic keyboard. Thanks to Jen from the Plover discord who shared this awesome idea to everyone.  You can find this case on Amazon:

Jade-GG's Phrasing System Practice On Typey Type

Hello everyone, take a look at this If you haven't heard of the phrasing system developed by Mr. Jade-GG, you are missing out on the full potential of what steno can do. A phrasing system basically shortens an entire sentence into a single stroke. Just like how you write words in a single stroke (i.e. left, thumb, right), you can write word phrases in a single stroke by assigning the left, thumb, and right parts of the layout to words instead of sounds. For example, I can write "I don't really remember that" in just one stroke "SWROEURPLT". It's really fun once you get the hang of it. You can go here  to download the dictionary and import it into plover. You can also use a python dictionary if you have the python dictionary plugin installed through the plugin manager. Here is a lovely  visual representation of the entire system by Jen from the Plover discord:

Marton Baksa's Legendary Keycaps With Legends!

Marten Baksa took my keycap design and added legends for them. You can find all the files on his github. Here is a link:

Choc Keycaps Now Available

Choc keycaps with MX-spacing in both black and white are available on the store. Here is the link:

Black MX Keycaps!!!

Hello there. I've added black keycaps as an option now. Here is the link to the store:

Debugging Tips For The Uni

 If your keyboard does not work, there are a few things that you can do. 1. Check that the cable you are using is a data cable. 2. Quit plover and run it again. 3. Go to configure > machine then click Gemini PR. Click scan and try all the ports. 4. Make sure that plover is enabled. If you are using Linux, try looking at these steps by a customer.