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Steno with the Uni: How to connect it with Plover.

Thanks for purchasing the Uni! DIY People If you bought the PCB only version go here  for the build guide. Everything below is for those who ordered the fully assembled version. ### Special note for the diy backplate people: The stainless steel screws are much harder than the brass standoffs so you must handle them with care when screwing them in. If the screws go in at a wrong angle, the brass thread can get damaged. Fully Assembled People The fully assembled Uni will come ready to use out of the box. Almost. You just need to have Plover installed on your computer. Make sure to get the latest build. How to install Plover  : Click on the latest version of Plover (continuous 4.0.0 or whatever is newest). Under Assets install the Windows Installer (or macOS or Linux depending on your operating system). Go through the installation setup If you already have Plover installed do this: Open Plover. Click the Configure gear icon on the top left corner. Click on the Machine tab. Click on the d